It’s regular learning that any prescription may have some unintended reactions, contingent upon numerous variables – measurements, recurrence of utilization, digestion variety, age, and so on. A few people utilize the drug gabapentin, which is endorsed for various purposes, including diabetic nerve agony and epilepsy. Amusingly, at times, a man utilizing this agony drug may really encounter penis torment – and there can be different issues which influence a man’s penis wellbeing too.


As referenced, gabapentin is frequently utilized in treating nerve harm and the subsequent torment or deadness. This is regularly an issue in diabetes, yet can likewise be because of different reasons for neural harm. The drug is an anticonvulsant, implying that is can be useful in overseeing epilepsy. Specialists likewise endorse it for different conditions, for example, eager leg disorder, hot flashes, headaches and priapism.

Penis torment

A few men who have utilized gabapentin have revealed that it can deliver penis torment, now and again genuinely noteworthy. The torment can run from a diligent low dimension throb to impressions of sharp, consuming agony. No less than one man has detailed that the consuming sensation requires the utilization of a material absorbed virus water a few times each day.

Precisely why the gabapentin is in some cases related with penis torment is indistinct. Fortunately, notwithstanding being a genuinely uncommon reaction, it will in general determination normally inside about a month. Men who do encounter this symptom from taking the prescription ought to counsel with their specialists to decide whether an alternate drug ought to be recommended or if there are extra meds that might be helpful in treating the penis torment. For instance, a few specialists find that a topical desensitizing crème can adequately diminish the torment.

Different penis issues

There are a few different penis-based issues past agony which are here and there related with utilization of gabapentin. Prior, it was referenced that gabapentin is once in a while endorsed in instances of priapism. Priapism is a circumstance in which the penis winds up engorged for an anomalous in length time – regularly four hours or more – and can’t come back to its flabby state. This can prompt long haul nerve and tissue harm in the penis.

Gabapentin is utilized in treating priapism since it has a de-distended capacity. In any case, that implies that a few men not experiencing priapism may find that it makes erectile brokenness circumstance. This may keep them from getting to be erect or may diminish the immovability of their erection.

In different cases, men on this medicine report they can accomplish erection however that they experience issues accomplishing climax.

At last, a few men report that their penis goes up against a swollen appearance on occasion while utilizing gabapentin. This may likewise be joined by another type of penis torment, “delicacy” in the swollen zone.


Men who feel that gabapentin is causing undesirable reactions should talk about elective prescriptions with their doctor. Numerous meds have symptoms, and regularly meds that treat a similar issue may have comparable reactions; be that as it may, it might be beneficial to investigate distinctive choices to locate the one which works best, as each individual responds diversely to any prescription.

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